Providing goods and services to state and federal governments in the United States is a dynamic market but carries with it its own set of rules and potential pitfalls.  At Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon, we provide guidance regarding the full spectrum of laws and regulations controlling the government contracting area, including, but not limited to:

• Federal Acquisition Regulations
• Davis-Bacon Act
• Service Contract Act
• State and Local Prevailing and/or Living Wage ordinances

How Can We Help?

We represent government contractors in all facets of the contracting process, including bids, bid protests and claims, equitable adjustments to contract pricing, defending against government claims of non-performance, and representing contractors during audits and investigations, and, if ever necessary, suspension and debarment proceedings.  The Firm also represents contractors in connection with local and state Prevailing Wage and Living Wage ordinances, including counseling on prevailing wage compliance, and representing contractors in investigations and litigation.

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