Labor and employment law in the United States is truly a patchwork quilt.  Various federal laws and regulations govern every aspect of the employment relationship, from pre-employment background checks, to workplaces rules, from pay practices to union relations, and everything in-between.  In addition to the extensive federal regulations, most states – and many individual cities – have their own specific laws and regulations.  These laws can vary widely from state to state.  What is common practice in Texas could well be illegal in New York.

Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP attorneys have assisted numerous clients in addressing the challenges posed that come with a national scope of operations.  First and foremost, we stay abreast of new laws and regulations, so that we can provide our clients immediate notice when new legal obligations arise.  When a city halfway across the country passes a new law governing sick leave, you’ll know about it right away, and we’ll help you understand what the law means for you and your business.

Because of the wide variety in state and local laws, a “one size fits all” approach to employee handbooks and other policies is simply insufficient for an employer with multi-state operations.  We help our clients to formulate policies that comply with all jurisdictions in which they do business.  This means letting our clients know where their general policies will work, and where different, state-specific policies may be necessary.  We work closely with our clients in developing plans that not only comply with the law, but meet their specific business needs.

Unfortunately, having employees in multiple states means that different state agencies may conduct investigations, audits or reviews of your employment practices.  In addition, an employment-related dispute may wind up in a distant state court.  Fortunately, our practice is similarly national in scope.  We have represented employers in administrative proceedings and litigation in almost every state.  Although this sometimes involves travel-related expenses, our billing practices minimize this expense.  Moreover, we truly believe that the increased value that comes from having an attorney familiar with your overall business operations, goals and values more than outweighs the expenses that may arise.

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