As any employer knows, complying with all of the various employment laws affecting employees today is an extremely difficult task.  Numerous statutes, enforced by various different agencies, regulate what employers can and cannot do with respect to their employees.  Sometimes, these statutes are unclear, inconsistent and even contradictory.

At Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP, we know that our clients are committed to complying with applicable laws.  The attorneys in our Employment Litigation group focus exclusively on labor and employment law, allowing us to give timely and insightful advice that helps employers avoid litigation in the first place.  We work with our clients on a daily basis to discuss best practices, provide advice on legal compliance and provide guidance with respect to employment-related issues such as wage and hour compliance (including overtime exemptions and independent contractor designations), sexual harassment investigations, requests for medical leave and accommodations and employee performance management.

The importance of obtaining legal advice while employment-related decisions are being made is critical.  When a company is involved in litigation, every decision is put under a microscope and every nuance and detail can be questioned.   Many cases are won or lost before the lawsuit is even filed.

However, even the best-intentioned employer, acting in a manner consistent with the law, may find itself sued by a disgruntled employee.  Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP attorneys have extensive experience representing clients against every kind of employment law claim, from single-plaintiff discrimination suits to multi-million dollar wage and hour class and collective actions.  We represent our clients at all stages of the litigation process, including pre-lawsuit administrative proceedings, discovery, trial and appeal.  Moreover, our practice is national in scope, and we have extensive experience in both federal and state courts.

How Can We Help?

There are many firms who specialize in employment law, but we believe two things in particular set Martenson, Hasbrouck & Simon LLP apart.  The first is our commitment to understanding the operations and business concerns of our clients.  An effective defense of an employment-related claim requires an intimate knowledge of how a business is run and the reasons why the rules or policies at issue in the lawsuit are so important.  We take the time to learn about our client’s business so that we can provide truly effective representation.  In addition, sometimes lawsuits raise concerns beyond the immediate case, such as client relations and public perception.  We take all of these factors into account to make sure the best possible outcome is reached for our clients.

The second is the value that we provide.  Our attorneys’ extensive experience allows us to staff cases appropriately, avoiding billing our clients for unnecessary or duplicative work.  In addition, we conduct a thorough evaluation of every case at the outset, so that we can work with our clients to develop the most cost-effective strategy.

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