Every situation is different.  Every client is different. At MHS, our family law attorneys uniquely understand the personal, emotional and monetary costs involved in resolving domestic issues. We don’t advocate for divorce, but we strive to help the party in a troubled marriage.  Our team of attorneys and paralegals help you navigate the complex issues in a divorce, including child custody, child support, alimony, modifications, contempt actions, obtaining protective orders (and defending actions seeking them) and the division of assets in as pragmatic a manner as possible.  Much of domestic law involves the negotiations of agreements that require precise language. With more than 30 years of family law experience, we craft well written agreements crucial to ensure enforceability and the best possible outcomes.

Georgia law provides that the best interest of the children is the standard for our clients in any custody case.  Our firm, if necessary, works closely with guardian ad litems, custodial evaluators and opposing counsel so that children have a voice too and their interests are served and protected.  The ideal custody agreements come from parents who work together, but we know that’s not always possible.  Our decades of experience have given us insight on when to negotiate and when to proceed to trial.

How Can We Help?

At MHS, we also have well established relationships with highly respected forensic accountants, mediators, psychiatrists, psychologists and other professionals to assist you in arriving at the most advantageous resolution of your case.  Most importantly, we know the law and will always give you an honest and objective professional opinion regarding your situation.  A free telephone consultation is available to you by calling 404-909-8100.

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